Company Name VS Trademark

Company Name VS Trademark

To understand the difference between Trademark VS Company Name we should first understand these terms.

A trademark distinguishes your creation from others, be it a company name, design, product or service, everything that is your indigenous innovation can be trademarked in order which will help you gain exclusive rights to them. A company name is your company’s name by which people will know about it and refer to it.

A company  can have more than one trademark for different designs, products or services but there can be only one company name in any case. A brand thus extends too many items as well as characters but company names have only one purpose.


Difference between Company Name and Trademark

Company Name VS Trademark

What is the purpose and definition of a company name?
A company’s name is the word or group of words the incorporator or founder of a new company elects to identify the business in the market. The company name may be used for all commercial transactions and the mark implemented in marketing campaigns. However, the company may also be used only for the legal transactions of the business. In this case, the trademark used to identify the company’s products or services is different.

A company name makes it more convenient and comfortable for people to find and locate your business. It helps in spreading the information about your business through people. A company name is used everywhere where your business is involved. All financial transactions, business deals, associations with partners initiate with this name written on paper. A company name involves thorough research and there are usually many alternatives for a company’s name. You should also follow all the rules and regulations applicable for the company’s name.

How to protect your company name?
The company name’s exclusive rights can be attained by getting the name registered as a trademark which will protect it from people who have ill thoughts or intentions of copying your name. A brand gives you the right to sue the wrongdoer and thus take legal actions in that light.

Examples of Company names
1.Combnation of different words like CC – Cotton county
2.Fantasy words
3.Person or relatives name
4. Geographical names and business words

A company name cannot be a generic word, an ambiguous term, that cannot be a term already taken by another business.

What is a trademark
A trademark is a brand name. A trademark or service mark includes any word, phrase, symbol, device, or any combination, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those of others and to indicate the source of the goods/services. – www.uspto.gov 

A trademark is beneficial for a business and it helps create an individual position of your brand in the market, thus helping to hike up your sales and attract more customers. It helps because your trademark will be unique and will not be at the risk of resembling to others in the same industry. It helps in creating recognition and value among the customers in a market.

A trademark is an intellectual property that can be registered for any creation that you want to reserve the rights to yourself. It can be a company name, design, or anything. In general, the only requirement is that it should be realistic and created from your own physical or mental labor.

This should make the distinction between a company name and trademark clear and help you in various ways in your business. 

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