Corporate & Commercial Contracts

The law of contract is the foundation upon which the superstructure of modern business is built. It is trivial knowledge that in business often promises are made and deals are striked within different parties. In such a situation if either of the parties were free to go back on its promise without incurring any liability, there would be endless complications and it would make it cumbersome to carry on business and trade.

Hence, contract laws are created so that  the parties involved in the promise made thereof, remain binding on each other until the agreement is carried out. In this respect Vidhinyas provides a vivid range of services to ensure the legitimacy of your contracts.



Startups are a vital component for the development of the country. India has evolved as the hub of startups in the past years. The startups however, neglect the significance of compliances due to lack of knowledge or laid back attitude. In order to make a noteworthy stance in the market, startups should abide by the rules, regulations and laws determined by the government. Every act inside an organization is binded by some law. This ensures that the business is conducted in a lawful and just manner.


At our firm we draft all types of agreements ranging from acquisition agreement, shareholder agreement,brokerage agreement,indemnity by debtor to agreement to underwrite stock debentures and several other agreements. Drafting a contract is the act of writing out the terms and specifics of the contract, in order to state the legal obligations of the two parties, so that they fully comprehend with the terms of the agreement and their respective duties towards one another.


The term merger and acquisition refer to the process when two companies combine their ventures with one another. In an acquisition, one company purchases the other outright. By merging the organizations create a separate new legal entity under one corporate name. Acquisition means when one company takes over the other one outright. It does not change the name but is owned by the parent company now. Post merger many companies find themselves on the path of success and great prestige while others have to stumble on the unfortunate of failure. Merger and acquisition is a process which involves many tedious and complicated steps, if any of these steps are skipped or executed with a botched job, it may lead to loss for either of the company and many complications for future. Our law firm has been setting out great results for our clients through our legal assistance in merger and acquisition, our lawyers are highly trained and deliver out your merger or acquisition very smoothly without any hitches in the process.


You cannot make a deal over calls in an instant. For a contract to go through in actuality, the clients need to communicate directly in person and discuss the minute details, agreements and needs of each other which will lead to more clarity and remove the threat of frauds and other complications.
Counselling is a very important step before you are taking any legal action or closing in on any agreement. It helps them move with a clear perspective and prevent any blunders. It aids them in attaining the information that they need. Our firm has been assisting numerous clients in meeting and coming to their terms. Counselling by our lawyers is unbiased and helps in deciding the future course of action that is suitable for you.


Meditation is when the parties involved meet in person to settle some dispute in the presence of an attorney or professional who is unbiased and helps them reach a settlement.¬† Mediation helps the parties solve certain matters without the hassle of going to the court, and lawyers’ professional assistance helps them go around the matter and reach a mutually agreed solution.

Vidhinyas Solicitors and Associates provides all these services with their clients as their utmost priority and making it easier to solve their legal matters with members who are esteemed in the legal profession. Hiring a law firm is important as legal issues are very intricate and involve many steps which are hard to understand for someone without the knowledge of all these processes and laws. You can focus your mind on other matters without worrying about the legal ones which will be handled through our accomplished lawyers with their best efforts. Our firm is client centric and believes in creating a long term relationship with customers by exhibiting the satisfactory results through our services.