Family Law

A family is a group of people who unite their ties to spend their lives together. It is an emotional bond as well as a legal bond. As such many laws are created to safeguard the integrity and rights of a person in a family. Family laws are guarded by a vast set of rules, which are practiced in matters of divorce, custody, marriage, inheritance, etc. There are various legal enforceable rights and duties that arise when legal interpersonal relationships are formed.


There is a broad set of family laws in our country- Hindu law, which legally binds Hindus, Buddhists, jains, and Sikhs. Muslim laws, Christian Law, etc.

Laws governing matrimonial issues

Conflicts that occur among partners due to customs of marriage are known as matrimonial issues. Like desertion of your partner, mental illness during marriage, etc. There are various relief laws for couples with this type of problem which included conjugal rights, restitution, and judicial separation.

Family laws also include inheritance laws that govern the estate and goods that are inherited by the family members as mentioned in the will of people. A codicil is an instrument useful which is used to alter or add to the declarations made in the Will.

At our firm, we provide legal assistance regarding family issues as it is an intricate matter and should be handled with utmost diligence in a professional manner. The services we provide under this law are-


2.Ancillary Probate

3.Child custody

4.Crime Against Women Cell



7.Registration of marriage

8.Resolution of cases concerning domestic violence and dowry harassment.


10.Succession certificate


12.Visitation rights


14.Divorce proceedings- mutual & contested

15.Drafting and vetting of family settlements

16.Drafting petitions pertaining to family-related issues

17.Family and Matrimonial Disputes

18.Family disputes

19.Family partitions

20.Family settlements


22.Guardianship Matters

23.Inheritance disputes

24.Judicial Separations

25.Letter of Administration


27.Marriage- Non Residents’ & Foreigners’

28.Permanent alimony


We understand that family is a delicate foundation of love and trust among individuals.It is our duty to give only the best legal help and advice to our clients. Lawyers at Vidhinyas are well versed with the most minuscule details of the family laws. They are well aware of what’s on stake here, one wrong turn can ruin multiple lives and can have a bad mental effect if any child is involved. We assess the situation thoroughly and provide assistance with the best interest of the clients in mind. Our solutions are always fair and just and in accordance with the laws.