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Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates

Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates is a leading law firm & LPO based in Noida, UP. It provides a number of legal services and consultations in the areas of Corporate Law, Contract Law, and Intellectual Property Rights Law.

Founded by Mr.Pratik Harsh and Ms. Vaishvi Khare, Vidhinyas has proved its reliance and high standard of services in a short time span. Vidhinyas help solves many legal issues and obliges legal compliance by extending their expert guidance and knowledge in the areas of Corporate laws, Marriage laws, Contract Laws, and IPR laws. It has helped many big firms in matters of Mergers, Acquisitions, Trademark Registrations, Family Matters, Issues related to Licensing, etc. Thus fulfilling their responsibilities with all their experience and might as lawyers who strive to preserve our sacred laws.


Vidhinyas has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations like Jharkhand Academic Council which is a statutory government corporation. It has served many preeminent organizations like Kalyan Jewelers, Radisson Blu, and many more. It pledges to deliver and support all your legal needs with utmost honesty and cooperation. Law is what sustains us as human beings and the country as an integrated nation. It is our duty to help you prosper as a firm, a family, and an entrepreneur. 

Its aim is to provide legal assistance through practical, logical, reasonable, and intellectual knowledge and help you achieve your goals.

Our Values

Our strengths conclude the high esteem that our team holds for our clients. We synonymize ourselves to the situation of our clients, amalgamating their emotions and the things that they have at stake. This gives a better understanding for their case and needs and helps in taking the most suitable course for their dilemma.. Our team is always motivated to take up new challenges and apply their knowledge to come to a conclusion through tactical and justifiable methods.  Our bid is to help the clients come to the verdict which is just and true. Our lawyers are expert in their respective fields which is a source of guarantee that you will only get the relevant guidance in your matter and no one is fooling around in your urgency.

Our  Clients

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.

The Law Team

Vidhinyas founder

Pratik Harsh

Founder and Partner at Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates
vidhinyas -founder

Vaishvi Khare

Founder and Partner at Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates

Our Motive

Our motive is to uphold the sanctity and respect of law in our nation through our practises. There will be no compromise in the quality of service that is rendered to our clients. Our team will support all our esteemed clients through their consistent coordination and cooperation. Our team not only focuses on dealing in legal cases but also guides and imparts legal knowledge through exclusive webinars, live sessions  and discussions. As a law firm we aim to build trust and faith in our clients in the power of law.

Intellectual Property & Family Law Firm

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